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Karpathos Island Information

Karpathos IslandKarpathos is situated between Crete and Rhodes, in the middle of the Karpathian Sea.It is a very traditional island whose residents take care to preserve local traditions and where you will find out the authenticity and warmth of Greece to a great extent as it was fifty years ago.Find out...

Karpathos Island Beaches

Karpathos Island BeachesIn Karpathos visitors will meet numerous beautiful beaches that differentiate for their natural beauties, clearness of waters and high-quality organization. Some of them are very organized with umbrellas, restaurants, canteens, mini market but most of them other are located away from the crowds maintaining a wild beauty.Find out...


Karpathos Island Villages

Karpathos Island VillageKarpathos island has ten villages that shape two “circles”. This two “circles” formulate the tour of the island. Starting from the capital of Karpathos the city of Pigadia and following the smaller circle visitors can follow the road towards the east coast side of the island and head up to the village of Aperi the previous capital of Karpathos island.Find more..

Our Location in Pigadia

Oour Location

We are located at the main port of Karpathos Island in Pigadia Town. You can find us right accross the port authority office. If you have any questions or you would like to talk with us please stop by and someone will serve you.


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Pigadia Karpathos
Dodekanesse Greece
Tel:697 410 2362

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